About Us

This blog was formed three years ago, as a way for a group of newly qualified massage therapists to discuss methodology and give advice to other therapists.

Since then, it has grown slightly!

Now we have been joined by no less than seven more therapists and their blogs have helped gain us more exposure and attention than ever.

Today, we are followed by hundreds of readers and our site gets thousands of views per week.

Better still, we now have an active community of therapists and clients alike, all committed to better health and holistic massage therapies.

Our focus is predominantly holistic massage – as this encompasses everything, from health and beauty to wellness and mental good standing.

Massage is a good place to start, for anyone even half serious about health. This is because it can fix just about anything. And even the things that it cannot completely fix, it helps to make feel better.

We strongly believe in the power of holistic therapies, to both combat the everyday ailments that dog us all, but also as a complementary therapy, to work alongside any other treatment that you are also undergoing.

Who should have holistic therapies and massage treatments? Well, we think just about everyone.

The conditions that our therapies can bring benefit to include sufferers of back pain, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, whiplash, PMS, ME and many others, too numerous to list here.

When you have a consultation with one of our therapists, they will do everything they can do to find out as much about you and your health conditions before proceeding.

Occasionally, there may be someone for whom we do not feel that the therapy is appropriate for. But in most cases, it is usually safe to go ahead once we have a full medical history.

If you have never experienced the benefits of holistic massage, why not make 2018 the year to try it for yourself?