Bleach Brave Souls

bleach brave souls

Famous for slack and hack

The game bleach brave souls were made by Klab global. The game is famous because as it is a slack and hack adventure game that was officially launched only for USA and also other regions outside Japan. When you start the downloading process this might take a long time to download so you can just let it be and go around with your other work. Get ready for this because the game only downloads and installs the content that you access therefore when you are starting a specific mission in the game you have to download the content first before playing.

Real time combat in the game 

In this game player can opt to play solo or play online with different players to make good friends and teams in battles. When the game starts Rukia will serve the guide to help the players with the tutorial and teaches you how to fight in the game and also how to play it properly. All the battles in the game takes place in real combat giving the players four buttons to attack on the right side and one movement pad that is on the left side. When you do a fast swiping motion you will dodge out of attacks. Players can also do the swipe dodge in between the attacking and that gives you a lot of flexibility to control the battle field while fighting with the enemies.

Smooth functions 

The combat is very well made and the players enjoy the battles to a great extent. When you or the enemy in the game use a special attack the game switches over and shows special scenes and cuts and makes the transition easy between the scenes and battle. It is the most important feature of the game. Fighting and targeting in the game is very easy because when you press the down attack button the characters will attempt to goal on the nearest enemy. Many times the buttons seems too small and that makes it difficult to make your special moves, but considering it completely the battles functions play very smooth and fast.

Features of bleach brave souls game

Level based game: Fight over 100 new stages that are full of dangerous characters, hollows and bosses.

Good quality story: The players get to experience the very popular storyline that is full of humor and events which is being retold through a game.

3D graphics: Very high quality graphics is used to bring the characters to life with the help of flashy effects and animations.

Fast combat: The players are able to defeat the hollows with fast combat with altogether three characters to dodge the screen.

There are many free bleach brave souls hack available on the net to boost your game.

Characters to collect: The players can collect famous bleach characters using different abilities and attacks and make a best party of the characters.


Overall the free plays slash and hack mobile game is the most loved game by the people. Even people who are not a very big fan of bleach they liked the game and enjoyed playing it. The game is highly recommended and you should definitely check out the game and the features that it has. The game is very much recommended because it is completely free and takes nothing else but only your time. The visual graphics in the game are very nice and appealing for a mobile whereas on the main screen you are able to join a public chat room to talk and socialize with many other different players in the game. This feature allows you to make new friends and you may even ask for a help from them. For further information you can even check the bleach brave souls on Google play or iTunes as well. For detailed information about the game and the features players can also visit the official website of the bleach brave souls.