Creating cartoon profile pictures

If you are on social websites or you sell yourself as a brand, you may be aware of the importance of presentation, design, and graphics. Basically, these are used to make you interesting. There are many design elements used to enhance the presentation of your personality. One such design element is to “cartoonize” yourself. That is, turn yourself into an avatar, or a simple yet interesting likeness of you. There are many cartoon character creators online. You can use these to create and animate an avatar of yourself.

Here is a cartoon avatar maker website review for you. The avatar maker comes with various customizable features that help you create your avatar or cartoon character. Here is how you go about creating your avatar.


The Features: Capture the physical attributes

Go to the avatar maker website, you will see an interface that asks you to choose a male or female avatar. You will see an anime face and next to it, there is a face tab, that allows you to customize an avatar of your likeness. Customize its face and head in 15 different ways. Once you have chosen the shape closed to your likeness, choose the skin tone. There are 20 different options to choose from. The last option on the palette offers you the entire color wheel. You could choose to be a green Martian or a blue Smurf if you like. After all, avatars and cartoons are about creativity and how you feel inside.

Next, customize the shape of the nose and mouth. You have 15 options to choose from. Then select the ears for your avatar from the 7 options. Now we have the basic shape of the head, let us use the cartoon character creator to change the eyes. You have 15 different shapes to choose from which means you could choose to look like a Japanese or an Asian with huge eyes. You can even put an eyeliner. The program allows you to change the color of the iris and you can experiment with the eyebrows. You could choose to get glasses or not. You can change their shape and size. You could choose to use the pre-set colors or go for the color wheel. If you have chosen a male character – you will have the option of hairstyle, mustache, and beard. While females have access to hairstyles and eyebrows only.

Capture the look:

Choose whether you want to give a formal or casual look to your avatar. Then choose the clothes you would like your avatar to wear. You could change your avatar’s look every day the way you change yours. You could design your avatar to cater to your business and if you are in a sports business, you could choose to dress the avatar in sportswear, and then share it on your blog or website. If you want to go formal, there are various formal and informal attires to choose from. Like with the facial features, the color palette allows you to get as creative as you want.

The background:

The last tab on the cartoon character creator interface allows you to choose from 15 backgrounds. Change and choose the colors from the color palette.


If you want to explore some other creative ideas, then hit the random button and be surprised. It will spark your interest and maybe even inspire you to get a makeover. Try various look by clicking it to flip through the looks.

Save the look:

Once you are done designing the look, save it by downloading the png in 400×400 or 200×200 resolution. The image downloads as “MyAvatar” on your computer. Then simply upload it to your blog or any virtual place you like. Remember, this website is erased daily and your avatar is not stored. So, download your image immediately after you have designed it or it will be lost. The Gravatar option on the interface presents you with an option of uploading the image online via email.


– Great program, great features

– Many uses, like;

o Make a brand of yourself

o Create your own cartoon character

o Use in memes

o Use on social network or blog

o Make a gravatar for online games

o Allows anonymous publicity


– Does not allow saving the avatars online

Verdict: the cartoon character creator offers a wide range of options to get as creative as possible. It allows creating aliens and cute cartoon characters that can be as rich in features and looks as one’s imagination. Overall a great avatar maker website is a great creative space for art and graphics students and professional and anime cartoonists.