What Is Holistic Massage?

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 Here in Stony Plain, Canada our center offers our clients the five star holistic massage experience. However, some clients come to us confused about just what a holistic massage actually is.

Our head therapist writes to explain in greater detail…

A holistic massage is something that benefits the whole of you and not just one component part. So, say for example, that your shoulder ached, and you wanted it curing.

You could book a holistic massage that would not only remedy the shoulder, but help enhance your entire feeling of wellbeing.

As well as treating the physical cause of the problem by boosting things like the blood flow to the affected area, a holistic massage would also help with the delivery of oxygen to the afflicted shoulder. Additionally, it brings drainage of the lymph glands in the region and helps release nutrients into the cells of your body.

Simultaneously, it can reduce tension and stress in your muscles and improve your mood and your immune system.

All this, and it can make you feel like a human being again!

The treatment is specially designed to be focused on you and your very specific requirements. Most people find this an intensely relaxing and calming experience which considerably lowers their stress levels.

Don’t feel like you cannot request a certain preference during your holistic massage therapy – whether it is a candle being lit or music being played – http://blissfulbalancermt.com supports that this is your treatment and it is designed to make you feel better.


Before your massage begins, the therapist will go through with you about your medical needs and see exactly what you aim to gain from your session. This is so that they can tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

Then, the therapist should outline the areas in which the massage will progress and which parts they will focus on.

When it has been decided and agreed upon how the session should go, the therapist will then allow you to undress and get yourself comfortable on the bed.


After your holistic massage session is completed, the therapist will allow you to get comfortable again and get dressed. Then, they may offer you a drink. This may most likely be water because it is intended to flush any toxins that may have been released during your treatment.

It is possible you could ask for a herbal or fruit tea or drink.

Remember, after the massage is completed you will be advised to avoid alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants or toxins, to help your body function at its highest level. It is also a good idea to avoid a heavy meal straight afterwards as this could undo all the good work that you have just had done!


The most common feeling after a holistic massage is an overwhelming sense of calm. People who have had a successful massage usually describe a feeling of intense relaxation that can last through the whole day and sometimes into the next one!

You can expect to sleep better that night and for your senses to become awakened after your massage. Some people find that their mind becomes more focused and it is easier for them to think more clearly.

The mental benefits are often the ones that are the least expected, following a holistic massage, but are the ones that are the most greatly appreciated.

You can hope to feel revitalized, rejuvenated and recharged after receiving a five-sstar holistic massage.

And all that is in addition to the physical feelings of wellbeing as well!